Superhero, president, basketball player...  None of these describe me.  I've been in the fitness industry for 15 years and scream the mantra "learn by doing;" I've run into pretty much every problem fitness professionals and enthusiasts have run into and found answers to them all.  By "found," I mean that I've hounded hundreds of other professionals (fitness through business guru's), read more books and blogs than I can remember, and am naturally inquisitive.  The result is an enormous resource center that I'm looking to share with the masses! 

That's why I started, to deliver tons of really useful, practical information that everyday people through advanced personal trainers can use.  

Ok, so why would you check this stuff out?

  • are you looking for a single, research-based site identifying correct exercise technique and practical coaching cues?
  • do you want high-protein, super healthy, quick recipes that are tailored to support muscle and shred fat?
  • would you benefit from understanding program design?

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